One Stop Shop For Your Interior And Exterior Designs

We at Moderate Interiors provide all sorts of interior decoration in Hyderabad. Our services include latest furnishings for both Residential and Commercial space, including innovative custom furnishings, fall ceiling designing, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting, Wood texturing, plumbing accessories and many more.

Our services are extended to the exterior designing like landscaping. We create an environment which is healthier and more pleasing to the customer. The materials we use for the designing is one of the finest and of the best quality.

We strive to give the customer best quality designs at best price. Our customer satisfaction makes us one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad.


Our team of expert designers consider the suggestions from our clients and they design accordingly to give an elegant look to the place.


We at moderate interiors give expert solutions and design ideas to renovate and recreate your property, house, villa to give them an aesthetic look and make the place livable.


At moderate interiors, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle. Based on our experiences, we offer a reliable Residential Interior Design Services.

Work process

Our dedicated project team coordinates closely with all the different design departments to provide an end to end solution for customer requirements and satisfaction. We plan and execute each and every design process within the described time frame.

Land Scaping

The exterior designing is an art at Moderate Interiors. Our team of professionals provide excellent landscaping designs that suits the thoughts of every customer. We bring home a unique style of landscaping designs which makes the customer to get more connected with nature.